Creating a platform

Within the plurality and increasing number of events on degrowth, the goal is to develop a clear identity and philosophy for the international conference as a regular and recognizable event, where scholars, civil society and practitioners come together to inform each other regarding their degrowth-related research and activities. The conference is meant to be just one more step on the pathway where fruitful, reflective and interesting meetings and discussions encourage unity between worldwide degrowth experience and perceptions. Apart from the desire to be a convivial networking event, the next degrowth conference will open a platform for

red snail exchanging scientific advances in the degrowth field,
green snail_reflection continuing discussions that started in the previous conferences,
red snail building new knowledge and sharpening the degrowth concepts,
green snail_reflection establishing a long-term action (e.g. degrowth network, future projects…), and
red snail introducing degrowth to newcomers, especially from the post-socialist region.


Springboard for further activities

An important aspect is that the conference should not be considered a fleeting moment where guests gather for a week, only to depart individually and lose collective spirit, but rather a building block for further work and cooperation. This is why the Budapest conference will be organised in a manner that involves extensive contextual preparatory activities on the regional level, while at the same time allowing space for planning and discussing further joint activities among the participants. The conference is envisaged to be at least a regional, if not global, springboard for implementing degrowth activities at every level.