The 5th International Degrowth Conference will take place in Budapest from 30 August to 3 September 2016The conference will host more than 500 academics, researchers and practitioners* who will present their latest work through over 40 special sessions and 200 shorter paper presentations, in addition to contributions from twenty keynote speakers.

Programme of the 5th International Degrowth Conference is available here.

All the calls, the submissions and the registration to the conference are closed. But you are still invited to join the Budapest Degrowth Week or to relocalize the conference.

For the first time, in parallel to the conference, an open festival “Budapest Degrowth Week” will feature practical workshops, panel and participatory discussions, and also concerts, artistic performances and interactive tours throughout the city. Local residents and the international Degrowth community members are invited to participate in more than 100 events hosted in several venues.

See an overall programme of the Degrowth Week here.

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Degrowth has emerged over the last 10 years. This “bomb word” has been used to inspire in-depth debates on whether infinite growth in a finite world is desirable or even possible. The main goal of the Budapest Degrowth conference and week is on one hand to question the limits to growth in understanding the challenges faced by society and on the other hand to implement dialogue about solutions on different levels.

Please find more information on our Website, also on our Press Package (where you can also find information for media pass) or our Welcome Pack. We are also looking for hosts in Budapest!

If you have any questions, just contact us!**

Your Budapest Degrowth conference team

Upcoming Events are:

green snail_reflection 4-15 July, Summer school on degrowth and environmental justice, Barcelona-Cerbère.
red snail 19-29 August, Climate Camp in the Rhineland and Degrowth Summer School (Germany)

But Degrowth in Budapest is also already happening:

green snail_reflection Cargonomia: Hungary’s economic alternative
red snail What is ‘degrowth’? Working towards a new society in Budapest

* We finally decided to accept all the participants who either have a accepted special session or individual paper or pre-registered before the deadline (June 1). We are now going up to 600 participants.
Also see: Budapest Opens its Doors to the Degrowth Community

** Please note that most of the members of the conference team will be recharging their batteries during the second half of July. For this reason the communication will be running in slow mode; we will respond your questions and requests, but please be patient. Thank you for your understanding.