Dear friends,

We are looking for people who would host conference participants in Budapest.

The upcoming international degrowth conference will gather hundreds of people who aim to make this world better: some of them do it through their research, others through their local initiatives and alternatives in which they try to find new ways of exchanging, producing, consuming or taking decisions. Between 30 August and 3 September, besides the academic conference, the Degrowth Week festival will bring discussions, public panels, artistic performances and exhibitions, practical workshops and conviviality events into public space to introduce degrowth in Budapest and to open a space for dialogue about more sustainable and desirable futures.

Following the degrowth philosophy, we want to offer the possibility to the participants from all over the world to meet and connect with locals of Budapest. You can take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about this movement, about the ideas and solutions being discussed by offering to host a conference participant in Budapest. Become a host by filling this webform: https://co-munity.net/degrowth/ic/2016/content/host-degrowth-conference

You can also use our couchsurfing event: https://www.couchsurfing.com/events/5th-international-conference-on-degrowth

Thank you for your support!

Budapest Degrowth Conference/Week Teams