Schedule of sessions and papers for the 5th International Degrowth Conference is available here.

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You can also navigate through the list of registered speakers and abstracts of their presentations.

Also, please find the formats of the the Conference and more information about the Degrowth Week.

The conference combines the research and practice presentations through three full working days. They are preceded by opening day, and followed by the concluding (or wrap-up) day. The opening and concluding days will present pre-selected content, dominated by invited presentations and in-situ organised content. The three central ‘work days’ will present selected research and practice presentations through approximately 12-15 parallel sessions per time slot. The three work days will follow the line CHALLENGES, STRATEGIES, ALLIANCES. Each of these will be further divided into conference themes. In the afternoon time slots ad-hoc content sessions will allow for practice, learning and networking for participants as they see fit.