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You can see the list of the decentralized events here.
For live streamed discussions and plenaries, please follow the link here.

Registration for the Conference is now closed. Following the Degrowth principles, we wish to keep the 5th International Degrowth Conference of a convivial and manageable size. This is why the number of participants is limited. However, if you could not register for the Conference, we are happy to invite you to join the Degrowth Week. Intertwining with the Conference, the Degrowth Week will host more than 100 activities, practical workshops, panel and participatory discussions, exhibitions and more. Located in 10 different venues in central Budapest, the Degrowth Week will enable a greater number of participants to take part in open events, where registration will not (always) be required, unlike the Conference.

In case you cannot join the Degrowth Week, you are kindly invited to re-localize similar events in your hometown/home countryWhile the Conference and Degrowth Week will take place in Budapest, you can organize your own degrowth-related event which will benefit to the global movement around degrowth.

Streaming of all the plenaries will be made available online and all the documentation of the Conference will be shared in order to enable people to organize events all around the world.

We have implemented an interactive online map showing all the delocalized events. The map with events will be communicated to the Degrowth Community worldwide. Please fill out the form to have your own local event listed on our interactive map (in parallel to the events in Budapest) here: https://co-munity.net/degrowth/ic/2016/degrowth-week/suggest.