The conference subcategories were selected from the experience of previous conferences, as well as the expectations of the researchers. Following the choice of the specific theme, each submitter is asked to select one of the subcategories below that best marks the topic of the presentation.

red snail  Work
green snail_reflection 
red snail
  Transport, mobility
green snail_reflection  Democracy, political decision-making
red snail 
green snail_reflection  Commons
red snail  Finance/currencies, trade
green snail_reflection  Agriculture
red snail  Energy
green snail_reflection  Consumption and advertising
red snail  Social systems and politics
green snail_reflection  Social limits of growth, well-being and good life
red snail  Environmental limits to growth and North-South environmental conflicts
green snail_reflection  Social enterprises, cooperatives and the solidarity economy
red snail  Technology/ICT
green snail_reflection  Gender