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The registration to the conference is closed.
But you are still invited to join the Budapest Degrowth Week or to relocalize the conference.

Important notification about the registration: registrations fees are not refundable.

To attend the conference in person, we kindly ask you to contribute through a conference fee. Following the spirit of degrowth, and to enable participation of guests across all spectrums, the conference fee comes in a range of prices to reflect our intention to be inclusive and supportive of participants in challenging financial situations. Hence we offer a variety of registration fees, which should enable all the interested participants to take part:

red snail 300 EUR – Solidarity fee.
green snail_reflection 200 EUR – Standard fee.
red snail 100 EUR – Reduced fee.

The solidarity fee will apply to the participants coming from and/or with the support of an institution, such as government, higher education or research institute in a high income country. This fee does not provide for an extra standard, but is rather a mechanism of solidarity with those who cannot afford to pay the standard fee. By paying this fee you will indirectly support participation of those who can only cover the reduced fee. If you are in position to afford solidarity fee, we kindly appeal to you to choose the solidarity fee as only if we have sufficient amount of participants who paid the solidarity fee, we can cover the reduced fee option.

The reduced fee applies to the participants representing civil initiatives, movements or organisations, participants coming from countries with lower income demographics, and currently enrolled students. This fee enables participation of more financially challenged participants and is mainly enabled by the participants paying the solidarity fee.

The standard fee is meant for participants who can afford to cover the regular fee of the conference, such as participants with support from an institution from lower income countries, or other organisations with dedication to presentation of research at international conferences.

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The conference fees cover the inescapable material costs of organising and hosting an event of this size, costs that are not covered from other sources or through in kind enthusiasm of people who are preparing this conference. Most importantly, the conference fees enable the organizing team to provide services in and around the conference that are alternative to the dominant economic practices, such as sourcing and preparing food with lower environmental and higher social impact. The conference registration fee, irrespective of the level, includes the following:
green snail_reflection Attendance of the entire academic program of the conference
red snail Attendance of the events of Degrowth week (including evening program)
green snail_reflection Welcome cocktail and dinner at Corvinus University on 30 August
red snail Coffee breaks and a full lunch (locally sourced and prepared, organic) every day between 31 August – 2 September


Organizing a conference of required standard of presentation and technical delivery has its costs, not least in the rent of the suitable space to hold the lectures, presentations and discussions. There are also requirements of safety, hygiene, nutrition and conviviality which currently can’t be met without paying. In the interest of shared and continued discussion and conviviality we are especially keen to provide the midday meals for all registered participants at the conference site and in accordance with the principles of the conference. Coffee break and lunch provisions are reflected in the amount set for the registration fee.

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