Logo Stream 2016_BudapestTaking over the initiative Stream towards degrowth from the Leipzig degrowth conference, also the Budapest degrowth conference would like to inform about events and actions related to degrowth in the run-up to the conference. Under Stream towards Budapest we wish to announce events, actions and long-term projects related to degrowth for the stream to gain its power from the joining of many different in-fluenc(i)es. If you plan an event or activity on degrowth between now and 2016 Budapest conference, please let us know at contact@budapest.degrowth.org. You are also welcome to announce your events and activities over the conference event page.

List of upcoming events, forming the stream towards Budapest 

green snail_reflection 4-15 July, Summer school on degrowth and environmental justice, Barcelona-Cerbère.
red snail 19-29 August, Climate Camp in the Rhineland and Degrowth Summer School (Germany)

The last articles about our activities in Budapest and our last videos

green snail_reflection Cargonomia: Hungary’s economic alternative
red snail What is ‘degrowth’? Working towards a new society in Budapest


Former streams


green snail_reflection 5-6 November, Regenerate future. Beyond growth, Beyond patriarchy, Parma, (Italy).
red snail 11 November, Paths Towards a Degrowth Society, Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development (Sweeden).
green snail_reflection 13 November, From climate change to a crisis of civilization, connect the dots with degrowth, Institute for Political Ecology, Zagreb (Croatia).
red snail 16 November, “Alternatives to Growth” with the authors of Churning the Earth, New Delhi (India).
green snail_reflection 16, 17, and 18 November, Launch of the Slovenian edition of “A Degrowth Project”, Ljubljana (Slovenia).
red snail 21 November, Unconditional Basic Income, a springboard toward sustainable and desirable Degrowth, International Basic Income Conference, Budapest (Hungary).
green snail_reflection 24 November, at the “Ecological Production in a Post-Growth Society” conference organized by the Green European Foundation and Ököpolisz, Budapest.
red snail 25 November, ‘Alternatives to the growth economy‘ organized by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and the Finnish degrowth network, in Helsinki, Finland.
green snail_reflection 27 November, Introduction to Degrowth, From the Deconstruction of our Addictions to Growth Toward a Degrowth Project, at the Central European University, Budapest.
green snail_reflection 30 November-12 December, Degrowth at The place to B Cop21, Paris (France).
red snail 19 December, Green Economic Conference: Can Degrowth be a Solution?, Istanbul (Turkey).


green snail_reflection  23 February, at the Growth in Transition conference in ViennaSteps Towards a Sustainable Society.
red snail  11 March, in Leipzig, opening event of the stream reflect on the current state of the Degrowth movement from different perspectives.