The registration to the conference is closed.
But you are still invited to join the Budapest Degrowth Week or to relocalize the conference.

Important notification: Due to several people taking the liberty to register and pay for the conference attendance without following the registration process, we have decided that from now on (7 June 2016) such payments will be considered as a donation for the conference and will not grant you access to the conference. Such manner of ensuring to take part in the conference is simply unfair to all the participants that followed the registration processes. Please, be aware that only the people who have received a personal email to confirm their registration and pay their fee will be considered as participants. If you have paid your fee based on the email invitation of your colleague or friend, or have made a payment for your colleague or friend, from now on it will be considered as a donation, not granting you access to the conference, and will not be refunded. If you have not managed to register for the conference in the several processes that were open, we are happy to welcome you at the Degrowth Week.

We are pleased to announce that registration to the 5th International Degrowth Conference is now also open for participants who are not presenting papers or sessions!

To keep the conference of a manageable and convivial size, the number of conference participants is limited. For this reason we can only offer a limited number of 100 places for people who do not hold presentations, but are interested in following the academic conference proceedings. We hope that there would be no need to compete for these places; however, should there be more interest than places, the places will be allocated by 4 regions:
1. European semi-periphery*: 25 places
2. Global South: 25 places
3. Rest of Europe: 25 places
4. Global North: 25 paces

Your belonging to a region will be judged by your nationality. Within the regional allocation, the places will be booked on a first-come first-served basis. Therefore we recommend you to register as early as possible! Should the places in some region not all be taken, they will be equally distributed among the other regions in the priority order that appears on the list above.

The registration will be done in two steps:
1. Collection of expressions of interest to register (this step will allow us to select the participants according to the criteria above)
2. Registration of the participants through the conference platform

To attend the conference, we will kindly ask the participants to contribute through a conference fee. There are several fee options available, for more information, check the page: https://budapest.degrowth.org/?page_id=273

Please, register your interest in participating in the conference here:

We will be collecting the expressions of interest until all the places are filled in or, should there be no such case, by 1 June 2016. After that deadline the participants invited to register will be informed by email how to do so. It will not be possible to exchange participation with another person.**

Budapest Organisation Team

*There are almost as many definitions of Eastern Europe as there are scholars of the region. Southern Europe and Mediterranean fare no better. That is why we use the term European semi-periphery. For the purposes of this conference you may consider this region to include geographical, geopolitical and socioeconomic regions of Baltic European states, former Warsaw pact countries, Russian Federation, Central and Eastern European members of the EU, Eastern Mediterranean nations including Turkey, Greece, Israel and Palestine. The Balkans, Italy and Iberian Peninsula may also be included.

**Participants who are not invited to register can still come to Budapest and participate in the events of Degrowth Week, as well as follow some events of the conference in person or through live streaming in other locations around Budapest (detailed information and programme will be announced in the summer).