The call for Individual Paper is now closed. We received 330 submissions, thanks a lot!
Each reviewer has now to review two other paper by the 15th of March.

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The call will close on 29th of February 2016. Please note that the deadline will not be extended. The call for papers only requires submission of abstracts (1700 characters with spaces). Reviewing will be made on the basis of abstracts and if paper is selected, it will be presented during the conference in 15 min (only length limit). There will be no deadline for the optional submission of full papers.

Please, also note that after the submission the individual paper submitters will be required to perform an e-form review of 2 other submitted papers in their subcategory to share the communal effort of conference preparation.

Find the themes and more information about the call for individual papers here.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at call@budapest.degrowth.org. Feel welcome to share your events, activities and thoughts with us on our event page.

In a few weeks we will open the calls and announce the program for other activities which will be happening during the conference and the degrowth week (networking, practical activities, cultural and creative workshops and performances, open discussions etc… and of course convivial parties).

More info on: https://budapest.degrowth.org/