The Call for Scientific Papers & Special Session has been closed but you are welcome to contribute to the Degrowth Week.

Themes of the conference

The upcoming 5th International Degrowth Conference: Walking the meaningful great transformations? will be a forum to present the latest in global degrowth thought and practice and bring it into dialogue with the specific context of Central and Eastern Europe of the 21st century.

In this respect, the conference will be organised around several themes, which reflect the context of the conference and the open issues of the degrowth movement that were highlighted at the preceding conference in Leipzig. The themes represent issues and challenges which the degrowth movement needs to address. More about the themes and their descriptions can be found hereEach submitter must select a theme, considered to be the most representative of the work they wish to present.

Following the choice of the specific theme, each submitter is asked to select one of the subcategories that best marks the topic of the presentation. The subcategories were selected from the experience of previous conferences, as well as the expectations of the researchers.

Calls for papers and special sessions

The conference will offer the following variety of formats:

green snail      1. Special sessions – Closed (more than 90 submitted, 46 selected by the scientific committee)                  

a. Academic special sessions: Researchers are encouraged to group their work into special sessions of 3-4 paper presentations reflecting similar concerns, or reporting on joint or related research outputs. Special session proposals will describe the topic of the session in up to 1700 characters with spaces and indicate a minimum of 3 presenters and titles of their presentations. These should follow closely what the overall session topic description outlines.

b. Degrowth-in-action special sessions: A limited number of places will be reserved specifically for special sessions which combine theoretical and research presentations with thematically related presentations from practice. These special sessions will deliberately combine research and practice to overcome academic enclosures and allow dialogue connecting knowledge generated in degrowth thinking and interventions into environmental and social fabrics which correspond to this knowledge. Whilst the overall format and the leading presentations in these sessions are expected to adhere to minimal standards of academic communication, they can include other forms of presentation illustrative of the practices they are presenting.

Special sessions should last maximum 2 hours.

Now the submission platform is open. Please, register and submit your special session proposals. The submission deadline is extended to 15 January 2016. For your information, the submission platform follows this submission form.

In spite of the extension of the deadline, we would like to encourage those who have almost-ready submissions not to delay their intended submissions after 31st December, as the review and acceptance process will be speeded up that way, and they can relax right after New Year not worrying about last minute submission.

To ensure a high level of quality of conference inputs and debates, the organisers will, with the support of reviewers, make a selection of sessions and papers best suited to showcase the latest research findings and degrowth thinking under thematic description of the conference. The review process will run from 1 – 31 January 2016. The submissions will be rated according to each of the criteria below on a scale from 1-5: does not satisfy the criterion at all (1) to perfectly satisfies the criterion (5):
– thematic relevance,
– quality,
– clarity of presentation,
– originality,
– disciplinary confluence, and
– regional contextualisation.
All special session submissions will be further assessed by overall coherence of overall topic and presentations contained within it. All degrowth in action special sessions will be additionally assessed by the balance of research and practice presentations contained therein.

red snail    2. Individual papers/presentations – closed (330 submissions received)

Individual papers are standard presentations of research findings, authored by one or more researchers. Only one coauthor per accepted presentation should register as the lead presenter to present at the conference. Call for individual papers will open on the 15th of January and close  on 29th of February 2016. The deadline will not be extended.

Individual papers will be submitted under same themes as the special sessions. They will also be evaluated according to the same criteria as the special sessions (see above). 

If you have any questions or you need help with the submissions, please feel free to contact us: call@budapest.degrowth.org.

Other calls

After the calls for special sessions and papers, we will announce and open the calls for other activities, which will be happening during the conference and the degrowth week (networking, practical activities, cultural and creative workshops and performances, open discussions etc… and of course convivial parties). Also the stream towards Budapest announces upcoming events, leading to the Budapest conference.

If you have any questions or wish to inform us about your events, please feel free to contact us: contact@budapest.degrowth.org.